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Thursday, July 18, 2019


Have you checked your mortgage rate lately ?  

If not, It's time to do just that.  These past weeks we have seen the 5 year fixed term rates drop to 2.69% for insured and 2.89% for  conventional rates. 

Are you paying too much ?  Even if you are facing an early payout penalty, it may make sense to refinance.  Sometimes a refinance can help pay other debts, to lower overall payments, or simply save you interest costs over the lifetime of your mortgage. If a penalty is involved, some math may be required to determine whether it is worth it to payout early.  Sometimes this analysis involves the risk of short term maturity  date that could result in a higher rate than today's 5 year guarantee.  

The best idea is to call me for analysis.  Once I help you calculate the cost benefits of an early refinance, my mortgage team is standing by to help you get through a smooth transition to your new financing.  

Considering a purchase ?  It's time to get ready with a pre-approval.  Pre-approval rate holds are good for 120 days while you sift through a buyer's market to find the perfect home.  

Contact Francine: francine.tracey@promerita.com

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